Meet Danny Manning

Wake Forest head basketball coach

Danny played basketball and graduated from Lawrence High School. He is considered one of the greatest players in University of Kansas history, Danny Manning led the 1988 Kansas Jayhawks to the National Championship against the Oklahoma Sooners. 

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Manning relishes  familiarity

Meet Michael Coleman
Sports Director, KCTV5


1. When did you attend Lawrence High School?  What sports did you play in high school?

I was @ LHS from 1974-1976.  I played football and ran sprints in track.  100, 220, qtr mile, relay anchor.

2.  Could you tell us your best Bill Freeman Story?

We were tied with SM North at the half, and coach says “hell bells boys a tied game is like kissing your sister”.  We lost by 3, but I never forgot that “kiss your sister” line.  I use it today in my sportscasts.
3. What was your most memorable LHS experience?
There are quite a few, but in sports our football team my sophomore and junior  years were bad, winning 4 games in 2 years,  3 all in ’74. So the excitement we had following our senior season where we had a winning record was satisfying.  Mainly because that Senior class stuck it out, and for me that was my first experience of being able to look back and say it was worth it.
My other memorable experience, was the Senior prank that I was in on along with Rick Julian, Martin Moore, Scott Groene and Barry Frank along with Clair Keizer.  (Statute of Limitations is up right?) We found some sod and trees and decorated Max Rife’s  office.  Imagine in a school building wall to wall turf in Max’s office, we even took a picture of it.  I still have it, after all these years.

4. What college did you attend?  What was your major?
I attended Coffeyville Junior College, another great experience.  In fact I’m proud to announce that I’ll be going into their football hall of fame next month.  From Coffeyville I went to Southern Illinois University, where I finished up my football playing career.  Great Jayhawk Gale Sayers was the athletic director at the time.

5. Before you came to KCTV5, you hosted a high school sports show, “The Rush”.  It won many honors.  Are you planning to host a similar program at channel 5?
Thank you for bringing up the RUSH, it was a show that I helped create, and once it was on it took off.  While for now there are no  plans for this type of show, on my Sunday show called “Off the Bench” we’ll show case high school sports.  Just not an entire half hour of it.

6. What teacher had the greatest  impact on you?
 I’d have to go way back for that, Joanne Kapfer was my 2nd grade teacher at Pinckney grade school.  She really worked hard with me, I had such a hard time reading but she was always in my corner.  That’s why it’s ironic to me that I’m a TV anchor today  In high school my coaches were great teachers, coaches Freeman, Mann, and Commons.  And let’s not forget track coach Tom Waller.

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